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About Tay

TAY ALLYN (25), or as Reddit knows her as ‘The Marilyn Monroe of the Web’, is a comedy beast on the internet. After graduating as the commencement speaker for the school of Theare at USC, she transformed to be one of the biggest pop music viral hits of 2014 amassing hate, huge fandoms, and Top Youtuber status. Tay has been featured in major news outlets such as front page Yahoo! News, The Huffington Post, Fuse, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Mashable, International Business Times, and Jezebel. Tay has received accolades as the “The Queen of the Trolls,” and Tosh.O’s own personal prediction for “Artist of the Year.”

About #BeAwk!

#BeAwk is the world I always wanted to make. It’s a world where we cherish beauty and awkwardness at the same time & really re-define the definition of those two words in our modern time. I think Awkward can be amazing. Being able to be goofy, laugh at yourself and others, embrace the uncomfortable moments of life and realize that’s what really connects us all is A BEAUTIFUL THING! It’s a true thing, one of the few commonalities we all share. So shouldn’t that be celebrated? And ohhh to live a life committed to finding beauty in everything. And I DON’T mean only outer human physical beauty. I mean the beauty of nature, the wonder in second-chances and coincidences, the absolute magic of a perfect melody to your ears! This is what I think we should focus on. If you agree, join me and let’s redefine the world.

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